Vending machines and coffee service in Lancaster County, PA

Wise Vending

Great Service

Consistent re-stocking, refunds sent remotely, and cashless payment options on every machine.

Great Snacks

Local flavors like Herr's and TasyKake, plus the name brands you love and expect.

Great Coffee

Small-batch and roasted in-house, our coffee delivery service makes your break room a breeze.

Cashless payments.
Incredible service.

Wise Vending was started to deliver an incredible customer experience.

We provide well-stocked vending machines in Lancaster, Chester, and Berks counties, equipped with cashless payment devices (credit card, Apply pay, etc.), hassle-free refunds (a touchscreen on every machine), and rapid service when you’re running low. 

Building Better Break Rooms

We put vending machines at your place of business or beak room to make life easier and better for your employees and customers. 

No charge – just a better break room.

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Making Employees And Customers Happier

Snack and Drink Vending Machines

We provide reliable, state-of-the-art vending machines for your business or retail space. No strings attached – get a vending machine on your premise in no-time.

Coffee Delivery Service

We delivery fresh-roasted, ground coffee from Philly Coffee Roasters (our own brand!) for break rooms and customer service locations throughout Lancaster, Berks, and Chester counties.


Our Wise Vending Guarantee